December 2017 Title Speaker
  12/10/17 Our God of comfort and care. Stace Rollefson Mark 1:1-8
  12/03/17 Understanding the signs of the times. Stace Rollefson Mark 13
  November 2017 Title Speaker Scripture
  11/26/17 The bottom line of who we are and about! Stace Rollefson Matthew 25:31-46
  11/19/17 A face to face meeting with God. Irfan Wilson Mahmoud Luke 9:28-36
  11/12/17 A message worth repeating often! Stace Rollefson Matthew 25:1-13
  11/05/17 Dual identity: Sinner Saint. Stace Rollefson Matthew 5:1-12
  October 2017 Title Speaker Scripture
  10/29/17 Happy 500th anniversary! Stace Rollefson John 8:31-36
  10/22/17 No foolin' Jesus. Stace Rollefson Matthew 22:15-22
  10/15/17 True Religion: Covered by Christ. Stace Rollefson Matthew 22:1-14
  10/08/17 Hostile Take Over And New Management. Stace Rollefson Matthew 21:33-46
  10/01/17 Turf protection .vs. faithfulness. Stace Rollefson Matthew 21:23-32
  September 2017 Title Speaker Scripture
  09/24/17 The Gospel Is Not Fair, Thank God! Stace Rollefson Matthew 20:1-16
  09/17/17 The impact of the Gospel on our lives. Stace Rollefson Matthew 18:21-35
  09/10/17 Living in the Gospel with Others. Stace Rollefson Matthew 18:1-20
  09/03/17 The Challenge of Following Jesus. Stace Rollefson Matthew 16:13-20
  August 2017 Title Speaker Scripture
  08/27/17 The Church: Jesus' building project. Stace Rollefson Matthew 16:13-20
  08/20/17 Faith - A good kind of stubborn. Stace Rollefson Matthew 15:21-28
  08/13/17 Walking on water with Jesus. Stace Rollefson Matthew 14:22-33
  08/06/17 Where "impossible" doesn't work. Stace Rollefson Matthew 14:13-21
  July 2017 Title Speaker Scripture
  07/30/17 Your responsibility, changing the world. Irfan Wilson Mahmoud Daniel 12:1-12, John 12:27-36
  07/23/17 End times. Irfan Wilson Mahmoud Matthew 24:1-14
  07/16/17 How God's word works. Stace Rollefson Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23
  07/09/17 Jesus, our rest! Stace Rollefson Matthew 11:25-30
  07/02/17 In Conflict Stay Close to Jesus and Be Kind. Stace Rollefson Matthew 10:34-42
  June 2017 Title Speaker Scripture
  06/25/17 Courageous Christians! Mike Kolls, Elder Matthew 10:5a, 21-33
  06/18/17 Your life? On the Lord's errand! Matt Evans, Elder Matthew 9:35-10:20
  06/11/17 Great Commission Confirmands. Stace Rollefson Matthew 28:16-20
  06/04/17 Fountains of life in the Spirit.. Stace Rollefson John 7:37-39
  May 2017 Title Speaker Scripture
  05/28/17 Understanding the Scriptures and sharing them. Stace Rollefson Luke 24:44-53
  05/21/17 Enrolled in the Holy Spirit's school. Stace Rollefson John 14:15-21
  05/14/17 Heaven Is Our Home Stace Rollefson John 14:1-4
  05/07/17 Our Good Shepard, Jesus Stace Rollefson John 10:1-10
  April 2017 Title Speaker Scripture
  04/30/17 Jesus Immanuel! Stace Rollefson Luke 24:13-35
  04/23/17 Jesus, our hero! Stace Rollefson John 20:19-31
  04/16/17 Rejoice! Stace Rollefson Matthew 28:1-10
  04/09/17 What do you Love? Stace Rollefson John 12:20-43
  04/02/17 The gift of loyal opposition. Stace Rollefson
  March 2017 Title Speaker
  03/26/17 Living your new identity in Christ. Stace Rollefson
  03/19/17 Opportunities and Dangers in Conflict Stace Rollefson
  03/05/17 How to fulfill your dreams & visions Irfan Wilson
  February 2017 Title Speaker
  02/26/17 Seeing God - The ultimate Epiphany! Stace Rollefson
  02/19/17 The solid foundation of Jesus! Stace Rollefson
  02/12/17 St. Paul Lutheran Church - God's project! Stace Rollefson
  02/05/17 The mind of Christ. Stace Rollefson
  January 2017 Title Speaker
  01/29/17 That's the happy life. Stace Rollefson
  01/22/17 A sunrise like no other. Stace Rollefson
  01/08/17 The mystery of Holy Baptism. Stace Rollefson
  01/01/17 Jesus, God's shining face. Stace Rollefson
  December 2016 Title Speaker
  12/18/16 Some don't want Christmas! Stace Rollefson
  12/11/16 What Christmas does to us! Stace Rollefson
  12/04/16 How the gift of Christmas works! Stace Rollefson