Stephen Ministry is ... extension of pastoral care. This caregiving ministry is named for Stephen, one of the first apostles who was commissioned by the disciples to care for the needs of the community.

Christ Caring

For People

Through People


Stephen Ministry at St. Paul Lutheran Church:

It is a one-to-one ministry by trained, caring lay members of the St. Paul congregation. It is a response to Christ's instructions to:

"Love one I have loved you."


What does a Stephen Minister do?

Stephen Ministers meet with care receivers usually for an hour a week providing Christian care. This care consists of reflective listening and the use of Christian resources such as prayer and the Scriptures. Stephen Ministers are caregivers not curegivers. God is the third person in all Stephen Ministry relationships. He is the curegiver. 



Who are Stephen Ministers?

A Stephen Minister is a lay person, man or woman, who makes a two-year commitment to this ministry through training, on-going supervision, and continuing education. These people are commissioned to do in-depth Christian care giving on behalf of St. Paul Lutheran Church.

We want to emphasize that a Stephen Minister is not. . .

  • a professional counselor or psychologist.
  • a social worker providing lots of physical services.
  • an expert in law, finance, church doctrine, etc.
  • a brief, superficial visitor touching base with people now and then.



What kind of needs does our Stephen Ministry address?

Stephen Ministers give Christian care to members of the church and non-members from the community who are going through a period of crisis, e.g., bereavement or other loss, chronic illness, hospitalization, unemployment, divorce, depression, incarceration, faith struggles and other life challenges. 



What does the Stephen Minister training include?

Fifty hours of intensive training including:

  • listening
  • confidentiality
  • crisis intervention
  • use of prayer and the Bible
  • specialized topics of grief, divorce, depression, ministering to older persons, stress, suicide and others.

The Stephen Ministers work in regular consultation (while maintaining confidentiality) with Pastor Stace Rollefson of St. Paul, Pastor John Lindner of Lord of Life and Stephen Leaders. Stephen Ministers meet monthly for the purpose of continuing education and group supervision.



If you think that Stephen Ministry may be of help to you at this juncture in your life, or if you would like to be involved in Stephen's Ministry at St. Paul, please contact Pastor Stace in the church office at 972 618-4266 or at:

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